Do you sometimes feel like you are whirling around in a sea of competitors too frantically busy to make progress with the great ideas in your head?

Are you curious as to why some businesses seem to grow so effortlessly while others really struggle to get traction?

Do you ever wonder why some people dominate their market while others seem destined to follow?

We work with business owners that are far better at doing than selling, helping them gain the customers that their talents merit.

Check out our short animation.



The dart epitomises fitness for purpose, narrow weight at the front with broad lightweight flights at the rear designed purely to keep on track the sole.  Effective businesses are also ruthlessly fit for purpose.  They know which are the best courses of action and the best way to go about them.  We help our clients do fewer things really well leading to higher profits and work less hard to get them.



Despite their size a dolphin can change direction incredibly quickly when it chooses.  Similalrly, an agile business rapidly translates insights from the market into opportunities, overcoming inertia, legacy constraints and any other barriers standing in the way. 

 This way keeps you one step ahead of the competition.  



We may not be able to change our environment, but we absolutely can control the way we interact with it.  Great companies exercise a lot more influence than we think.  Whilst your hand may be firmly clutching the tiller do you have the confidence to steer? Do you really know when a bold manoeuvre is required or when sometimes steering straight is a much better option than veering off like your competitors?

Our Approach


ICE or Integrated Capability Enablement is our own approach to helping our clients thrive.  As management guru Peter Drucker famously said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and our diagram shows you why.  Strategic plans are great, except that the factors critical to success are buried beneath the surface and so are rarely properly addressed. …

Banner image © Mark Neild 2013  Dolphin in Bay of islands New Zealand taken shortly before we went swimming with them.