About the founder


Mark Neild MBA CMgr FCMI FinstLM the founder and Managing Director of Agileering Ltd is driven by a passion for empowering technicians (people who are really good at doing) to better articulate the benefits they deliver to customers and thereby grow through Innovatitive business models.  After 15 years flying Seakings and Jetstreams for the Royal Navy,  including seach and rescue mssions in Bosnia, he first started delivering training as a Flying Instructor in 1993.  Subesquently he went on to run the whole training organisation leading a staff of 50 using 12 aircraft and responsible for training instructors and students as well as Leadership training. The Navy used a coaching style of instructing and as an advanced category instructor, Mark would often fly with the least capable students.  This gives him a real empathy for helping capable people to focus and gain the confidence to exert more influence over their surroundings.

Leaving the Navy, he completed a full time MBA before starting work with NTL (Virgin Media) developing early interactive TV products. He deployed the first ever online billing site becoming Product Head.  Head hunted into PA Consulting he spent 10 years supporting clients in technology based companies to deploy disruptive business models delivering step changes in revenue growth latterly as Director for Technology Innovation.

Taking his family to the south island of New Zealand for a year to seek new experiences, he found no obvious job that matched his skills so he started a new business which grew to over £60,000 revenue in 9 months working with start-ups and the Otago Business School. Specialising in Lean Launchpad and business model innovation,  Mark has coached over 30 SME’s to think more like their customer, to focus their proposition and marketing and to increase their personal effectiveness - in short, to re-invent their strategy in order to build a solid growth trajectory. (see case studies below).


Mike first launched Cloud Cannon as a web developer frustrated by the lack of useful Content Management tools in a market crowded with products, but had little knowledge of business.   After a few coaching sessions he had built a core proposition for early trial customers and after a few more sessions he had a viable business model.  6 months later he had over 500 customers and had raised a seed round to fund growth.  6 months on we did a customer profitability project to double profit.

Mark has proved to be an amazing business mentor. His advice has ensured I spend my time wisely and has stopped me falling into a lot of the common start-up pitfalls.” Mike Neumegan CEO Cloud Cannon

Mark is an approved coach with the Government’s Business Growth Service and ILM recoognised leadership training provider, holds a Masters Level Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring and is a Fellow of the ILM. He also mentors startups through Oxford Launch and Grow@GreenPark and runs the training at his local sailing club.   He is chairman of the board of Grow Movement, a charity that coaches entrepreneurs in the least developed countries in Africa.  He is Thames Valley Mentor of the Year 2015 for his work with entrepreneurs.

Tim’s sportswear firm had amazing products and evangelising customers, but was not getting traction with marketing outside the immediate word of mouth customer base.  Mark worked with Tim to video customers capturing their emotional response to his product in a short promotional film.  Tim used the film in a very successful Kickstarter round and also to capture the attention of a retailer, which gave sales a huge boost.

“Mark has a great talent for cutting through complexity - getting straight to "cause and effect". He sees the bigger picture clearly but also is exceptionally good at all those fiddly details you miss when you're too close to your own business. A short meeting with him helped give me clarity about a matter that had been challenging me for a while. Mark is also a man of action and his capacity to "get things done" has helped enormously.”   Adam Clark - Client


Banner image © Mark Neild 2013  Dolphin in Bay of islands New Zealand taken shortly before we went swimming with them.