It seems gratuitously unfair that many of those with the greatest capability to create benefits for customers are not blessed with the same ability to market their talents, while too many gifted sales people end up pedalling nonsense intended primarily to extract money from naive customers.  As a society we are the poorer for it unless we help those who really have something to offer to stand out from the crowd of those on the take.

Our mission at agileering is to empower creative businesses to be the dolpin not the bait ball.  

  • Streamlining a business releases capacity to focus on the key things that create customer benefits
  • Agility enables business leaders to lead the market to fresh opportunities rather than following the crowd
  • Contol is a state of mind.  Simple techniques and confidence to use them equip ethical leaders to soar higher.

Really creative people can create great propositions, but too many under sell their abilities and miss the huge  value they create for others.  Selling becomes as simple as showing the right customers what is possible - avoiding the uncomfortable situation of persuading them into things that they do not really want.

We do not do "rocket science”  - it is usually a con anyway.  Instead, our external and deeply anaytical perspective reveals opportunities that clients relate to instantly, but had been too embroiled in the detail to see for themselves.  What makes us unique is that we crave simplicity - we love what technology can do, but recognise that adopting it is challenging for technophobes.  So let us take out the complexity and concentrate on discovering the ideal busines model to deliver what technology is really capable of

- empowering people to do more with less. Put that way even technophobes rejoice!

Our Founder

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Mark Neild founded Agileering to empower clever people who are not achieving their potential because they are better at delivering value for customers than profits for themselves. Throughout a long and varied career he has identified and delivered £500M in benefits for clients and was voted Mentor of the Year in the Thames Valley Regionin 2015.  See more here

Banner image © Mark Neild 2013  Dolphin in Bay of islands New Zealand taken shortly before we went swimming with them.