An innovative approach to Change Enablement

Most change programmes fail.[1]   But what is worse is that over the last 25 years they have failed for the same reasons over and over again

·      Front line staff do not understand why or how to do things differently

·     Managers struggle to set and communicate the right vision and culture

·     Programmes focus on change mechanics, but fail to change behaviour

Yet perhaps counter-intuitively, the few great companies with a sustainable growth trajectory do not do change programs at all. HBR[2] shows us that these companies:

·       have stable cultures,

·       that continuously innovate

For these high performing organisations change is not a program, but a way of life. Increasingly this is what our clients are asking for – they don’t want a change program done to them, they want the capability to be agile for themselves.  So we are offering exactly that.   Based on a study of over 50 successful change programs ranging from technology introduction and Lean based efficiency projects, through out-sourcing to major restructuring programs, our consultants know and can share what really works.

Introducing Integrated Capability Enablement

Our approach is integrated and multifaceted - really focusing on enabling and empowering senior leadership through to frontline staff.  The program takes the Senior Leadership’s need, helps them structure it into an actionable future vision and communicate it.  It then enables the frontline staff to analyze the best option to deliver the vision and then implement it embedding the necessary skills through practice along the way. The key benefits of this approach are:

·       Our integrated approach bridges the divides that so often exist between leadership and frontline staff and between technical and operations people overcoming much of the resistance that often hinders change

·       Our flexible multi-disciplinary team provides specialist skills tailored to your every need and because our people have been in your shoes they know what works from practical experience not just a method.

·       Rather than doing change to you, our ILM[3] Quality Assured programs are carefully conceived to enable your staff right from top to bottom to conceive plan and deliver your vision under our guidance and coaching.  Because your team owns the journey, they buy into it and can do it again.

[1] Source:  McKinsey & Company 2008, HBR April 95

[2] Source:  HBR Jan 2012 How Growth outliers do it

[3] Programs endorsed by Institute of Leadership and Management:  Senior Leadership enablement, Delivering continuous quality improvement and Embedding Innovation (Think like an Entrepreneur)

Banner image © Mark Neild 2013  Dolphin in Bay of islands New Zealand taken shortly before we went swimming with them.