Change Leaders Program

Let us face it, most people want to do the best they can. Capable managers can be excellent at operations and in a steady state this is fine, but in a fast-paced / agile environment, the day job is unpredictable.  People react to uncertainty in one of two ways.  Either they refer every new situation up the chain or they try to make a decision for themselves.  Although admirable, the latter approach only works if there is a sensible management framework for decision-making; otherwise the result is well-intentioned anarchy.  Lots of creativity but no progress.

Even a “steady state” is rarely that steady, but in operations environments, as managers monitor performance and implement improvements, they can become so focused on the task in hand that they miss the bigger picture entirely.  Suddenly there is a need to do things differently - competitive threats, a new product launch, restructuring, a significant new customer, technology upgrade etc. Everything that was tuned to perfection is up in the air.  This is highly dislocating and causes a lot of stress.  The worst possible case is that people become so attached to legacy ways of working that a disruptive competitor takes away their market.

Our Change Leaders program is designed for 2 main audiences:

Staff being promoted from a doing role to one of strategic leadership;

Owner-managers whose growth needs require them to step back and take a more strategic view

The outcome is to enable owners and senior managers to lead agile and empowered teams to high performance in an unpredictable world. 

The program is tailored for each client, but typically will include:

Establishing and communicating an actionable vision 

Understanding and overcoming cultural barriers

Creating and leading agile and empowered multi-disciplinary teams

Establishing Governance

The program draws heavily on evidence based practice and academic research into the traits of successful innovators and leaders in change programs and successful practices of leading in uncertain environments.

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