Delivering Continuous Quality Improvement

It is often the people at the front line of product or service delivery that have the best insights about where quality improvements can be made.  In their respective teams, customer facing people experience at first hand the joy and frustration of the users of the service, while those working in production or back-office roles live and breathe the various service delivery processes working their way through or round the various queues and bottlenecks.  Because in many organisations front line staff are committed to delivering the best service they can, various shortcuts and workarounds creep into working routines and are rarely properly documented.  But staff at this level rarely have the skills or power to properly design and implement better processes.  When new technology or restructuring cause change, change managers have to choose between those with the skills and those with the insight leading to a blueprint that ends up being unworkable.

Our Continuous Quality Improvement program is designed to enable frontline staff to analyse and deliver change.  It brings together LEAN process skills with change projects skills and in particular includes:

Using Lean techniques and methods to discover and analyse service problems

developing techniques to design and propose improvement projects

practicing the skills and tools  to deliver a change program

implementing feedback and review processes to learn from and build on project outcomes

Note that this program should be run in conjunction with the Change Leaders Program to ensure that the team are properly empowered by the Change Leaders to deliver the change.

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