Delivering Innovative Products and Services

In organisations where technology plays a key role in the delivery of the product or service there is often a wide chasm between the technology professionals and those with the best view of the way it will actually be used.  This arises in part because technology has its own language and practices to a far greater extent than most other disciplines and in part because developing a deep insight into what the users actually want is particularly difficult - they often do not know themselves.  In stable markets with significant barriers to entry, the conventional product marketing approach has been to build new products based on market insights and put the majority of the effort into perfecting the sales and marketing of finished products.  Web2.0 coupled with growing global capability, deregulation and a significantly better understanding of the entrepreneurial process have substantially lowered entry barriers in public and private sector markets reducing product life cycles and raising the performance bar.

Our Delivering Innovative Products and Services program enqips frontline staff responsible for developing new products and services using Lean Startup Methodologies.  In particular we will cover:

The rationale behind Lean Startup and how to make it work in your organisation

Practicing the six step Infinity Marketing Model

Applying Customer Discovery techniques to gain real insights into customer / user need

Applying Customer Development techniques to laser-focus sales and marketing resources

Embedding innovation accounting for better customer relationships and targeted products

Note that this program should be run in conjunction with the Change Leaders Program to ensure that the team are properly empowered by the Change Leaders to deliver the change.

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