Thinking of Starting a Business?


Don't spend money or waste time on the mechanics of starting a business until you know that your venture will work.  Forget the business plan forget the cashflow forcasts - real entrepreneurs don't bother with any of these until they have paying customers.

In this highly participative ½ day course at the new Start-up Hub in Reading's Green Park we will show you how to make sure your business idea is a cracker.  

We will cover:

  1. What sorts of things do customers really buy?
  2. Which ventures best suit you (yes you as an individual)
  3. How to pitch the proposition perfectly
  4. How to test and refine it until customers bite your hand off for it
  5. How to tune your marketing for maximum impact.

Your Tutor


Mark has huge admiration for anyone starting a new business. He has done it twice.  Firstly when he took his family to New Zealand and finding no job he started up on his own.  Here he is wrapping up a Startup Bootcamp in Dunedin NZ that he organised in 2013 - 8 businesses were launched that weekend.  Back in the UK he started Agileering Ltd and now provides business growth coaching and leadership training to a growing client base in Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.  He is also chairman of a charity that coaches entrepreneurs in Africa and is Thames Valley  Mentor of the Year. 

 Recent Testimonials

We really enjoyed meeting Mark; his insights into the business after such a brief meeting were pretty impressive! Growth Client March 2015

Mark has a great talent for cutting through complexity - getting straight to "cause and effect". He sees the bigger picture clearly but also is exceptionally good at all those fiddly details you miss when you're too close to your own business. A short meeting with him helped give me clarity about a matter that had been challenging me for a while. Coaching Client October 2014

Banner image © Mark Neild 2013  Dolphin in Bay of islands New Zealand taken shortly before we went swimming with them.