Executive Coaching

"You've helped me when I needed it the most, from reaching a plateau to keep rising"

Cam   March 2014

Coaching is an integral part of our Integrated Capability Enablement programs.  Through them we:

- help leaders empower their team by crafting an actionable Vision for Change that really engages. 

- help leaders to coach their teams - improving performance and reducing misunderstanding.

- help leaders understand and align the motivations that lie at the heart of organisational culture.

We also coach front-line staff in key delivery skills for product and process innovation projects while they learn on the project.  You can see how coaching fits into our overall learning enablement program here

Our coaches have formal executive coaching qualifications and undergo regular supervision and CPD to help continuously improve their own performance for the benefit of clients.

"You and your team have been a part of the process of not just helping me recover but showing me the way to take action and try to make my dreams become a reality."

Steve  Sep 2013

Coaching for Focus and Control

We also provide individual coaching programs for senior leaders with clients ranging from CEOs of charities to SME business owners.  Our coaching typically falls into 2 broad camps:

Focus - cutting through complexity to make pragmatic decisions that target resources effectively.

Control - empowering clients with the insight to effectively influence their stakeholders and market. 

Coaching relationships have far more impact if the chemistry works.  Introducing our lead coach Mark.


My first coaching experience working with struggling students at Navy flying school so my style is more challenging than supportive, but 15 years in Transformation and Innovation consulting has not shaken my firm belief that it is people that make the world go around.  Our meetings motivate clients to get things done and discover an inner power to do more than they thought possible.  People most value my logical thinking and patient questioning which helps them cut through complexity to really focus their energy on what is important.  I use leadership and NLP models to help demystify an organisation's culture and align behaviour with strategy by identifying the underlying motivation and seeking coherence.  I use metaphors to help people see things in new ways - a really powerful method to solve those intractable problems that might otherwise keep you awake at night.

Banner image © Mark Neild 2013  Dolphin in Bay of islands New Zealand taken shortly before we went swimming with them.