Is your website just burning cash?

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It came as quite a shock to me when I realised about a year ago, that despite all of the effort and resources that had gone into it, my website had delivered zip  It was effectively just burning resources.   The business was developing despite it and new clients were coming through entirely different channels that were actually much cheaper..

Was it me?  Is this whole web marketing thing actually just hype? or do some busiesses simply not work on the web?  So I did what I should have done much earlier, some research.  I was surprised to discover quite how many other people were in the same boat,  keeping quiet about it because they were a bit ashamed.  In fact in the September 2015 Digital Capabilities in SMEs report 24% of those surveyed said their website generated no benefits.

Most had been seduced by the pervasive notion that these days you simply had to have your own website.

 Not true - even for a business that sells products online -  see case 2 in my free business model course.

As with so many other things in business - it is obvious when you think about it, but with enough people shouting out their agenda, it can be hard to ignore the noise.

Those ‘in the know' will ask you what you are trying to achieve with your website.  I now go one stage further, by asking…..

What journey do your customers make - is a website even the best route?

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Let me give you some examples.  

A few months back, I was reviewing the web analytics with a client and we were  surprised to discover how much  more business came via their free Google+ page than their £2500 website. Why?  Most were repeat customers searching for their phone number - typically 2-3 calls a day came in from Google+ mobile users clicking to call for bespoke quotes, something hard to deliver online.  The best route was the phone and the goal was to make it as easy as possible to call - beautiful pictures and carefully crafted text just got in the way.

Another client had a website that beautifully showcased their work.  Lots of people were looking, but none made enquiries.  Instead, we suspected, some copied the best design ideas to do it themselves. What journey would convert browsers to buyers?  We knew that DIYers often bodged the job or left bits undone for months afterwards, so appealing to the ladies of the house we contrasted DIY nightmares with a professional job that guaranteed quality completed in a week and more affordable than they thought.  Wouldn’t you get a quote just in case?

Now I am not a web designer.  I know people who do it much better than I ever could; people who really want their clients to succeed and are delighted to get a proper brief to work from.  It pains them when the website could deliver so much more.  That is why I have created an infographic that will help you think about how best to convert browsers to buyers.

You can get it here.

Armed with it you can ask the critical questions…

Think about the alternatives and other things you need to do

and work out who can best help you to implement your conversion goal. 

Download the infographic now.

Banner image © Mark Neild 2013  Dolphin in Bay of islands New Zealand taken shortly before we went swimming with them.