Case Study:  Focus and Control coaching - amazing personal insights


One of my clients is an avid online researcher.   He devours blogs and podcasts from most of the respected authorities in the Entrepreneurial space.  He gets lean startup and recognizes that it is a good process, but somehow his dream of becoming an entrepreneur was just not happening…

a classic case of knowing the what but struggling with the how

Let us focus on what we are really trying to achieve

Talk and exquisitely crafted plans were great, but measurable progress?  Well it all got a bit fuzzy.  So we sat down and in a few short minutes defined 2 things.  1: what he wanted to achieve in the next few months and 2: how would we know that he had done it?  Simple eh? But it needs a bit of focus and discipline to really make it happen.  The thing about a target is that it is both a great Procrastination Buster and helps with Outcome Thinking.  Does this activity take us forwards?  Really – how?

Eventually you just have to get down and do the things that really need doing.  Talking to customers is one of those things.

Armed with his prototype he spent 2 hours visiting those places where he thought he would find prospects and tested it with them.  The results were incredible.  He found one type of customer who loved his product, another that did not and a third that might love it with some changes.  His customers told him where they would most likely look for his product and some were also keen to find out where to get more.

We spent about 30 minutes reviewing his research and by the end of the period we had crafted the best part of a marketing plan containing:

·      The product features that target customers loved – winning proposition

·      The attributes of the customers most likely to buy – best target segment

·      Where they would most likely buy - optimized channel to market

·      Upsell opportunities – outline definition of a CRM strategy

Seeing things in new ways can surprise you with the control you really have

Putting aside the specific business project, the personal insights were pretty amazing too.   Far from being fearful of selling, my client found approaching new prospects with his exciting new product energizing - certainly not something to be avoided.  Indeed totally unprompted, he volunteered to find more customers in our action planning period.  Gaining deeper insight into customer wants and needs is now deeply ingrained.  Reflecting that not every prospect wants the product… of course they don’t.  This is not a failure to sell so much as success in establishing the patterns that distinguish the lovers, the maybes and the noes thereby focusing valuable marketing resource.  But the best was yet to come.  His most valuable insight was this.  “I'm more comfortable getting uncomfortable, its a fun buzz to put myself out there.”   

You can’t learn that from anyone but yourself.

Banner image © Mark Neild 2013  Dolphin in Bay of islands New Zealand taken shortly before we went swimming with them.